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 Specialist Care at Home 

Bespoke support in your home.

We provide the best supported lifestyle for those suffering from debilitating physical or mental conditions with complex care requirements who wish to remain as independent as possible.

We can arrange individually tailored home-based care plans to suit the needs of the individual, enabling a smooth transition from hospital to home and the best assisted living moving forwards. 

What we can offer


Based in Scotland we provide care for children and adults, to both the public and private healthcare sectors throughout Scotland.

The team

We have a team of highly skilled staff with experience in complex care and care at home.


Provision of support for:

Adult services

Head or spinal injuries, e.g.: Road traffic accidents. Sports accidents.

Medical malpractice, e.g.: Cerebral palsy. Surgical error.

Degenerative conditions, e.g.: Parkinson’s disease. Motor neurone disease. Multiple sclerosis.

Children’s services

Genetic conditions. Acquired injuries. Cerebral palsy

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Provision of services


Homecare Scotland provides child and adult specialist home care and social support services, encouraging independence and ongoing rehabilitation. Services include:


  • Providing tailored support for the individual and their support network.

  • Supporting service users through the legal claims process.

  • Facilitating every day and seasonal experiences for service user’s e.g. social outings and well-being.

  • Smoothing transition from childhood to adulthood.

  • Providing accompanied holidays.

  • Providing respite care for carers.


Homecare Scotland's services are compliant with the essential standards of quality and safety and are regulated by The Care Inspectorate.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you. 

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