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Meet The Team - Head of Operations, Jason Logan

We want you to get to know our internal support staff so we recently spoke to our Head of Operations at Homecare Scotland and wanted to share a bit about Jason and his role within the company.

Do you have a nickname?

Yes, Haggis - A Scot resettling to Wolverhampton at 11 brings a certain challenge to the local linguists

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, but a proper one...

Do you have any unusual skills/Party tricks?

Elvis impersonator and I instruct climbing and paddlesports

What’s your favourite Snack?

Marmite ciabatta from Starbucks...Oh and Tangfastics.

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs, especially Jack Russells

Any plans for your next holiday?/What was your favourite place you’ve visited?

Off to Turkey with my Son

When did your H1/Homecare Journey begin?

Almost a year ago now when Sam asked me to take on an Advisory role. I've known of H1 and Pam Easen for over 15 years.

What's your typical day like?*

Typical day is like being in a bottle of Lucozade that has been shaken. Effervescent, sticky at times, but as the day draws to a close you hope you've touched as many people's lives, as have touched yours.

You're the Head of Operations, why is it so important to Homecare Scotland?

Leading a group of passionate individuals, in such a vibrant and challenging sector needs a calming, steady, supportive lead. I'm lucky to have a strong team and I count myself fortunate to be able to represent, protect when needed and shepherd forward through the many hurdles thrown our way.

What’s the best part of your day?

Best part is spending time with our Carers and clients, without a shadow of a doubt...

What’s the worst?

When I am unable to resolve an issue, leaving people unsatisfied or unable to look past an event or incident and see the good intentions or commitment to improve.

What makes you proud to work at H1/Homecare Scotland?

That when people were applauding Health workers, closing departments to reduce nurses stress and strain, giving concessions to our health services, The social care workforce and in particular, Homecare Scotland just got on and pushed through unprecedented challenges to sustain local communities. Absolutely amazing and something we should all be immensely proud of.

If you had to summarise H1/Homecare Scotland in 3 words what would they be?

A special bunch.

Thank you for catching up with us, Jason, and if you are interested in working for a company that cares then visit our website ( and apply now!

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