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How Can We Help?

Homecare Scotland complex care services provide a bespoke team of highly trained individuals who are dedicated to providing the brightest lifestyle outcome for your disabled or injured family member (Adult, Child or Young Person).


Our extensive experience in this field enables us to assist with a smooth transition for people of all ages, from hospital care to home care. While dealing with the many complexities associated with the management of complicated medical conditions, including the court and compensation processes which ultimately lead to the appointment of our supportive home care teams.


Finding The Right Fit For You

Homecare Scotland meticulously screen and select our carers, as much for their positive dispositions as their experience and qualifications. But, you and your family will have the final say on who makes it onto your care team. 


You’ll find us at your side at every step along the way, helping you make sense of what quality of life means in the context of your particular situation and with making informed  choices about the kind of care that’s most appropriate to you.

Assessing Your Needs


Every care need is assessed on an individual basis. Rarely are two cases the same and there is no single defining characteristic which determines a Complex Care involvement. Except to say, the best indicator lies in the word “Complex”, which implies a requirement for a level of care intensity, perhaps resulting from a catastrophic injury or event which typically, takes the form of one of the following:

Life Is For Living

We don’t believe in boundaries, which is why the people we support never feel life limited. With Homecare Scotland’s intervention, living at home is just the first step in a new life journey which isn’t restricted to a daily routine. Wherever possible, we aim to keep life ambitions alive by facilitating a whole host of every day, seasonal and exceptional experiences such as:

  • social outings to clubs, pubs, sporting events, cinema and theatre

  • wellbeing – swimming pool, spa, massage / reflexology 

  • shopping trips 

  • visiting family and friends

  • holidays – home and abroad

Case Management

As experts in managing  support needs for people with chronic illnesses or extraordinarily debilitating conditions, Homecare Scotland do everything it can to ease the stresses which can be associated with the Legal Claims process.

Once a Case Management  company or Social Worker is appointed we work closely with them, the client’s Lawyers where required and family, to define an appropriate care package, recruit a complementary care team and lay the foundations for a lifelong, fully supported environment for the person you support or family member.

Involving Homecare Scotland at the earliest opportunity means you will have one less important matter to worry about while any Legal process takes its course.

Our Care Team

At Homecare Scotland meticulously screens and selects our carers, as much for their positive dispositions as their experience and qualifications. But you and your family will have the final say on who makes it onto your care team. Homecare Scotland are all, so a real living wage provider ensuring our caregivers are enabled to live well and concentrate on you, the people we support.

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