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How We Can Help

We believe people are their best at home. That's why we offer a person-centred approach to dementia care at home. Being able to stay at own homes means that people with dementia can remain in a familiar environment while receiving the care and support they require.

We employ skilled carers who can work on a one on one where required, offering bespoke dementia care at home to those who need it. 

Our Care Team

Our highly trained, specialist staff are here to ensure  support plans are implemented and medication prompting, personal care and eating and drinking are enabled.  Our support team also support with psychological, emotional and spiritual needs at this time. The support required for the loved ones of the person we are supporting is also integrated into  personal support plans. 

The support provided at this time may be dictated by the condition or illness and as such the support we provide it tailored to the individual’s needs. Our interventions and support can help to keep the people we support at home with loved ones and family as they near the end of their life, instead of having to move to a residential facility or hospital.


Homecare Scotland meticulously screen and select our staff for their experience and qualifications and their caring dispositions. It is vital that the people we support feel comfortable with the staff provided and as such you will have a say in who is chosen to support you.

Living Wage Employer

Homecare Scotland are also a real living wage provider ensuring our care givers are enabled to live well and concentrate on you, the people we support.

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