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How Can We Help?

Living independently in your own home and community, while enjoying the best outcomes and individual life chooses are  vitally important to us at Homecare Scotland. 

Our vulnerable loved ones deserve to live life to the fullest in the comfort of their own home, accessing the local community and continuing to be part of our society. It is not always the best choice for vulnerable adults to live in a residential setting and we are here to support with this and allow people we support to live their best life, in their own home.

Our Live in care services provide a comprehensive, wraparound, 24 hour a day support provision to allow individuals to retain independence and autonomy in their own home.


Living With You

Our dedicated support staff will live with you assisting with all daily living processes. This includes providing practical support such as, cleaning, cooking, assisting with Personal care, mediation administration, light gardening , etc as well as social support activities such as companionship, social outings, accompanying to  appointments, enabling hobbies, etc.  This service also gives peace of mind to ensure that there is always someone on hand to ensure safety and security for the more vulnerable adult living independently.

Who We Support

We support a variety of people over the age of 18 who may require support due to age related conditions Including:

  • All forms of dementia,  

  • Learning disability, 

  • Spectrum related conditions

  • Physical Disabilities.

  • Any other ongoing support need. 

Our staff are trained to the needs of your loved one and become an integral part of everyday life for the people we support and their families. 

We don’t believe limitations, which is why the people we support never feel life limited. With Homecare Scotland’s intervention, living at home is the normal expectation, which isn’t restricted to any  specific boundaries. Wherever possible, we aim to keep life ambitions alive by supporting and encouraging  a whole host of every day, seasonal and exceptional experiences such as:

  • social outings to clubs, pubs, sporting events, cinema and theatre

  • wellbeing – swimming pool, spa, massage / reflexology  

  • shopping trips 

  • visiting family and friends

  • holidays – home and abroad 


Your Care Team

Our care team at Homecare Scotland meticulously screens and selects our carers, as much for their positive dispositions as their experience and qualifications. But you and your family will have the final say on who makes it onto your care team. Homecare Scotland are all, so a real living wage provider ensuring our caregivers are enabled to live well and concentrate on you, the people we support.

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